A neutral student’s guide to surviving highschool! 

Hey there, this is my first ever blog. If there is any feedback please comment them below . All kinds of feedback are useful. 

I am a 9th grader soon going to be a 10th grader,  so the type of students i have listed below are the ones that i have noticed in my 11 years of school life are present in each and every grade… Or classroom

The types are-

  • The nerds📖
  • Crazy movie fans🎥
  • The jocks🏆
  • The ones who try to be jocks
  • The techies💻
  • The gamers🎮
  • The one who irritates others by touching  a LOT
  • The fashionistas👗
  • Their faithful followers
  • The i hate highschool i just wanna get done with its
  • The person with the stupid doubts


Type- They are the kind of students who are made fun of the most. They try to stay away from the others as much as possible in order to avoid trouble

Where can they be found? – You can identify students as nerds  if u see them studying in the bus,  during lunch and sometimes even while walking. You can also find them in the library at times. They almost all the time have a notebook or a pen in their hand.  You can see them taking down notes in such a manner that their entire life depends on it. 

The groups in which they can be found has been ranked from 1 to  from most probably to the least.

  1. The nerdy group –just like ants or any other kind of animals the nerds too tend to be around other nerds. You can identify a group as a nerd group if u see a group of students sitting or standing around a table staring at a question (most probably math)like as if it is their “precious”and therefore does not allow anybody else to go near it. They can also be occasionally found arguing over a question. 
  2. The group with all the ‘trying to be s’-most probably a group with 6 members or 5.These type of groups include- a person trying to become a fashionista,  person who is trying to become a jock and a person who is both. The group can have two  of the same type of person in it. There are two sub categories to this group-the noisy ones and the silent ones. The nerds in this group are also a part of the nerd  group. The members other than the nerd in this group can always be found trying to make the nerd enjoy class and stop studying. 
  3. The C. C. P group-Some of the nerds (rarely)can also be found in the ccp groups or in other words the cute cool and popular groups. The nerds in this group are usually the best all rounders, grade toppers and are genetically gifted in terms of cuteness . They participate in almost all the school programmes. This group usually has a few  fashionistas and the most  cute students in the grade. They are the most popular group in the whole grade and sometimes the whole school. 

Its not over yet. I will keep updating this whenever i have time